Does anyone else ever turn over a paper lying around and see something like this?:
At least there aren't any Greek letters or integrals in there.
Victor Chen
4/15/2011 02:47:20 am

Hmmm, the guy from "A Beautiful Mind" had papers like these lying around before he started living in that abandoned shed. Watch out, Scott ...

4/15/2011 07:45:31 am

I have an irrational fear of losing it from that movie. But ultimately I'm not that smart--my sanity couldn't be less threatened by the distance between my brain use and its potential. I do think I'm probably smarter than Russell Crowe though.

Hey, are you the famous author of The Missing Class?

Victor Chen
4/16/2011 03:21:36 am

When you win your Nobel Prize for Literature, please don't make Maria Teresa stand there in the Stockholm auditorium by herself while you give your acceptance speech.

You may be smarter than Russell Crowe, but can you throw a phone as far as he can?

No, I'm not the author of that book. That person has "Tan" as his middle name, and as you can see above I do not, ipso facto, no connection.

7/12/2011 05:16:01 am

My name Is Scott Winship, And im 25 years old. You make me feel so vastly under accomplished lol. I told my Dad that it annoys me there are other Scott Winships out there, In your defense He said you most likely had the name first. At least your doing something with it, So good on you. Cool website too!

1/10/2012 12:07:49 am

Are you simply making a self-deprecatory joke or trying to show off?

I used formulas like this throughout my undergraduate education and well beyond, and so did anyone majoring in engineering, physics, etc.

The important thing is, how accurately do these formulas describe reality, in your case social and economic reality?

So much of the discussion of the economy is sound bites with no context or data behind them. Yet so much of the commonly cited economic theory also makes "heroic" (I'm being polite) assumptions like "rational man", "perfect information" and other such nonsense.

I don't know which is worse. Although I certainly prefer an intelligent, well-informed open-minded discussion partner to an ideologue.


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